Agriculture Industry

India's agriculture industry exports various products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, rice, tea, and tobacco.

  • The agriculture export industry in India has a CAGR of 10.6% between 2014-2020.
  • India exports various agricultural products, including fruits, vegetables, spices, rice, tea, and tobacco.
  • Indian agriculture products are priced competitively and highly regarded globally.
  • The Indian government supports the agriculture industry through initiatives like the National Agriculture Export Policy and the PM-KUSUM scheme.
  • These initiatives aim to boost agricultural productivity, promote sustainable farming practices, and enhance the export potential of agricultural products.
  • India's skilled workforce is essential for producing high-quality agricultural products. The agriculture industry also offers ample opportunities for small and marginal farmers, providing them with a means of livelihood and improving their socio-economic status.
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Indian farmers increasingly use advanced techniques, such as precision and organic farming, which help them produce high-quality and sustainable agriculture products. The agriculture industry has a robust supply chain, with a network of suppliers, farmers, processors, and distributors, making it easier for companies to export their products. The supply chain is also supported by various government initiatives that facilitate the smooth transportation of agricultural products.

The export volumes of Indian agriculture products have been consistently increasing over the years, indicating the industry's potential for growth. India's agriculture exporters are targeting emerging markets, such as Africa and Southeast Asia, which offer significant potential for growth. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for organic and sustainable agriculture products, which presents an important opportunity for Indian agriculture exporters to cater to the changing preferences of international buyers.

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