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Rahul Dravid, On 04 Feb 2019


Essential Travel guide of Paris by LPO Holidays, places to visit, place to eat, places to stay. Paris “the city of light”, “ the city of romance “ are just the names of Paris .There are so many places sightseeing phenomenal things to see and you’ll never get bored- Tourist visit it and are fascinated towards it status of being one of most appealing ,glamorous and romantic of all cities. Paris sightseeing tour –getaway to see all the best attraction-Eiffel Tower,Lido Show, Alexander Bridge .

This is ultimate Paris travel guide will help you to plan an unforgettable trip in Paris.

Amazing Paris destinations and sight of Paris:  

Eiffel Tower: first thing come to your mind when you thing about Paris, thetall, lean tower. Just dream that you are standing 300 Meters that is 984 ft. above the ground, looking down and watching City of lights-Paris. Roam around the streets, grab a delicious lunch. To visit at the top of tower, you can buy tickets at the counter for 25 euro per ticket.

Louvre Museum: Paris is considered as the most important hub of modernization. City is exposed in its museums and galleries. Louvre Museum is most famous art museum in world. Inside the museum you can spot Islamic art, antiquities, painting

Euro Disney Amusement Park: Over 50 attractions, breath-taking parades and shoes offer families magical experiences and excitingadventure.

Arc De Triomphe: Under the Arc De Triomphe is the tomb of Unknown Soldier of France. There are impressive sculptures, ancient Roman architecture; panoramic terrace above the door offers a beautiful view from Paris.

Alexander Bridge: Bridge is widely regarded as the most ornate, extravagant bridge in the city. It is most sited, most elegant –one of the most beautiful river crossing in the world. Crossing the bridge by foot takes you on a stroll through what might be thought of aspires open air museum, with sculptures-lions, cherubs, waterspirits, fish.

Opera in Paris: Grab your tickets and enjoy ballet and relax and kick your feet up later. Enjoy Ballet night with your family.

Shopping in Paris:

One of the most shopping areas is Mont Mart. You can shop all branded items, wine, clothing, restaurants etc.

By now all will be excited planning your trip to Paris. Book customized Europe trip packagesfrom LPO holidays. We promise you a great Holiday with best deals and packages.


By Rahul Dravid, 04 Feb 2019

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