Paper Cores and Tubes

Our products have been widely trusted and appreciated in numerous industries like Labels & Tapes, Polyfilms & Flexible Packaging, Thermal Films, Paper Mills, etc. Our paper cores and tubes are manufactured using recycled paper which helps us to make our product cost effective as well as sustainable.

Product Specifications

Inner Diameter: 3” or 6”
Wall Thickness: 2.5mm to 18mm
Custom Length: 110mm to 3000mm
Grinded, Wax or Resin Coated
Red or Yellow


  • Radial Core Test (Crushing Strength)
  • Bending Test
  • Moisture Content Test


  • Poly Films & Flexible Packaging
  • Labels and Tapes
  • Paper Mill Core & many more


  • The cores are intensively grinded and finished, providing a smooth outer layer for delicate and sensitive films
  • The core has excellent vertical strength which ensures damage prevention during transit, along with assured dimensional stability
  • Straightness throughout the length is maintained
  • Moisture content is controlled using special heating rooms, thus avoiding shrinking
  • The smooth & round edges ensure swift winding & unwinding of your product
  • The cores we produce are environmentally friendly, thus making them recyclable