Inspirito is a reseller of 'Vrbotz'


Your perfect partner for digitization journey. Keep the track of your data with the help of robotic process automation.

Vrbotz is a software that helps companies to work effectively while saving time and costs averageover 50% and Inspirito, as a reseller of Vrbotz, provides the same opportunity. Vrbotz uses robotic process automation to systematize tiresome everyday work for you so you can invest your valuable time to create new opportunities to increase business growth.

Specialized robotic process automation

We are specialized in Robotic process automation and AI to keep your work hassle-free.

Topnotch service standards

With the help of highly trained experts and group of varied important scope of operation.

Combined technology solutions

Offers you integrated technology solutions with worldwide top practices.

Cost-effective solutions

Save your money with cost-efficient, inspiring and innovative solutions.

Industry precise templates

Generate and use industry-specific BOT templates for numerous processes, for quicker turnaround time.

Works perfect with all type of domains

We help you to automate your business and increase efficiency of operations.


Vrbotz helps you to grow your business with the help of innovative robotic technology so you can work efficiently and save your money.

Your Partner on digital journey

We help companies to realize the power of digitization by increasing growth of their business, automating mundane, repetitive work and revolving data into value.

Advanced Robotic Technology

With the help of advanced robotic technology, you can minimize the error chances and keep the data more secure.

Eliminate repetitive work

With the advanced robotic technology, you can eliminate boring, repetitive work and keep your workforce happy.

Improved customer satisfaction

Keep your customers satisfied through a better understanding of their needs.

Increase operational efficiency

Increase your business’s operational efficiency with the help of improved revenue and minimal costs.

Save money

With the help of Vrbotz, you can save more than 50% of your cost and time.

Why Vrbotz

Inspiritois a reseller of Vrbotz and help you to increase your productivity by minimizing your mundane work by automating it.

Customize templates as per industry

You can create and use BOT templates as per your industry requirements.

Time and money saving

You can save your time and money and invest it to increase your business growth.

Best service standards in market

Our team of subject matter experts helps you to keep operational activities smooth.

Inspirito is a reseller of 'Vrbotz'