Affordable Digital Marketing Services



We don’t complicate things based small differences that are tricky for you to judge. Our packages are for particular service in which we take care of everything.

Website Design Package

You can have a mix of static & dynamic website or E-commerce website to sell products.

Corporate Website Design

INR 15,000 +18% GST

You just need to provide us logo and some content, we take care of everything including content, images referring with your competitors to differentiate your website.

E-commerce Website Design

INR 25,000 + 18% GST

We give a login panel to keep updated with your products, banners, offers, coupon codes, delivery management etc. You don’t have to depend upon us.

Both the website includes ownership of code, responsive websites, 1 year hosting on Google cloud server, 1 year AMC, SSL certificate, content writing. The website will be built in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript. We have strong service support.

Social Media Optimization

We design creatives and post organically (not spending money) on all your social media pages by us.

Set of 25 Creatives

INR 5,500 +18% GST

We create and post 2 times in a week on you social media pages. 25 Creatives should last around 3 month & suitable for brand awareness.

Set of 50 Creatives

INR 10,000 +18% GST

We create and post 4 times in a week on you social media pages. 50 Creatives should last around 3 month & suitable for brand impact.

You don't have to worry. We analyse current trends, your business and then design the creative accordingly. We write content, identify hash tags and post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Twitter and/or suitable platforms for your business.

Paid Marketing (Social Media & Search Engines)

We build a strategy according to your business and then spend monthly basis with continuous optimization.

More than INR 30K per month budget

20% budget cost +18% GST

You need to spend at least INR 30,000 to create a brand impact on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Less than INR 30K per month budget

INR 4,000 +18% GST

It’s not feasible to spend small budget on many platforms. We can discuss and opt to spend money on one or two platforms to have a brand impact.

We have a set of questionnaires to identify the prospect personna. We precisely set the target audience with handmade creatives which may be video or image (no readymade templates) to have a huge return on your investments. The money spent will be worth it.

Lead Generation

Pay only when you get the leads. We market you with our money and you pay us only for lead generated.

Daily Leads 10 Leads Package

Ranges from INR 80 to 500 per lead

Lead cost totally depends upon your business and your potential target. We need to test the market based on which we are able to provide the lead cost.

Monthly 100 Leads Package

Ranges from INR 80 to 500 per lead

Lead cost totally depends upon your business and your potential target. We need to test the market based on which we are able to provide the lead cost.

Lead generation is trending concept now. You don’t have to worry about marketing costs. We bear all the expenses to get you a lead and you only pay for lead. We can give you daily leads so your sales team is never empty handed.

Logo Design

We don’t download, modify & deliver the logo. It is handcrafted with rationale to justify our thinking.

Any Logo Design

INR 7,500 +18% GST

We can design any type of logo depending upon your requirement. It can alphabet initials, a curve you like or the complete name in logo.

Your logo is your brand. People see your logo and in less than 3 seconds they recognize your business. Your logo will be lifetime with you. We will provide 5 samples + unlimited revisions to the sample finalized.

Video Making

Engaging your audience with creative & conceptual topic is what needed today. It has a new level of impact.

Upto 1 Minute Of Video

INR 2,000 +18% GST

Upto 1 minute of videos are suitable to explain your business in brief. Your history & products/services are explained in short & keep them engaged.

Upto 3 Minute Of Video

INR 4,500 +18% GST

Upto 3 minutes of video are suitable to explain your business in detail. You history & products/services are explained in detail to knowledge them thoroughly.

Don’t get trapped with online video making application, the quality, the content & the graphics in video will make you stand out. You can get your video uploaded on Youtube so you have to explain your services again & again, video explains itself.

Email Design

We don’t send images in promotional images, aur emails are coded as well to have a value.

HTML Email Design

INR 2,000 +18% GST

Email open ratio is less than 3% and you can’t chance in that with an old style image for your brand impression.

We code the Email in HTML5 & CSS3 language which are corporate looking and has clickable links on it. Email is responsive to desktops, mobiles & tablets. Email don’t get blocked because of images.

Email Marketing

We also have old school digital marketing technique i.e. Email marketing because it is still effective.

Email Marketing

INR 1,650 +18% GST per 1,00,000 Emails.

We have built our own Email marketing where it is cheap for us to send bulk emails at cheap rates.

We don’t have the email data, you can provide us the data or use our software to send the emails. We have purchased the emails from Amazon Web Services, so you can trust the sender as well.

SMS Sending

SMS Sending is also old school marketing technique still many people actively check messages.

Bulk SMS Send

INR 14,000 +18% GST per 1,00,000 SMS

Our messages goes to all Indian numbers & it provides us delivered and not delivered reports.

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Presentation Design

We make corporate presentations that are effective to present and gather attention of audiences.

Corporate Presentation Design

INR 2,500 +18% GST

Impress your audience with awesome present. Matching fonts, proper spacing, short & sweet content with smooth animation effects will create an impact on your audiences.

When you want to impress a large number of audience, your presentation can’t be made in minutes. You need to make it in a flow with balance of text and image so your audience can understand it easily.