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Sales Qualified Leads

Ready to convert your lead to a customer?
Inspirito, through its sales qualified leads gives you that.

Sales and Marketing can sometimes get tricky. An eligible salesqualified lead (SQL) is a prospective customer that has been vetted by marketing and sales, and assessed to be highly likely tomake a purchase.

Sales teams expend an immense amount of time sourcing leadsof varying quality from a number of sources. SQLs are very high priority in the hierarchy of leads, and should be followed up as soon as possible after showing interest.

What confirms a lead looking for a sales conversation

Inspirito assess the lead by its sales experience to decide whether it is a SQL or whether it is not a fit to move forward.

Webinar Registration/Attendance

If the lead is geared more towards your target audience/industry, it has potential.

Email Response

If you send an email and the lead responds with some queries, it may be called.

Filling out of Contact Form

Be ready. The faster the response, the more likely you are to land a conversation.

Frequency of Website visiting

How many times and how frequent a lead visits your website is a big indicator whether he wants to move towards sales conversation.

What makes us unique among our competitors

Understanding customer’s needs

Understanding customer’s needs

Current Solution delivered

Current Solution delivered

Quick Decision Maker

Quick Decision Maker

Ready to Switch Solutions

Ready to Switch Solutions

Not all leads are created equal. If your sales team paid every lead an equal amount of attention, reps would be wasting a tremendous amount of time. That’s because not every lead deserves equal attention.

The Inspirito touch

Inspirito’s sales and marketing teams developed a process for qualifying leads to determine which ones have the highest potential to buy. Leads have to be considered “sales-ready.” The ones that pass the test will move on to the next stage of the buying process.

FAQ's Inspirito

What is the method of transforming qualified marketing leads into qualified sales leads in a sales organization?

All emails and phone calls. Educational info and content Calls-to-action

The key difference is MQL refers to a lead that is more likely to become a customer compared to other leads. SQL are the leads that the sales team has qualified as a potential customer.

If the lead is disqualified, never delete it from your database in case the buyer comes back.

The average conversion rate is 13% and it takes an average of 84 days to convert. However, this varies based the source of the lead is.

Usually, leadership training requires two main elements: the prospect match, and their degree of commitment

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