BANT Qualified Leads

BANT Qualified Leads

Inspirito, through its BANT method, identifies and pursues the most qualified prospects for your company.

BANT is a sales certification approach that helps salespeople to decide whether the prospect is a good choice based on their budget, internal influence / capacity to buy, product requirement and timeline to buy. BANT has passed the Time Test.

BANT, however, fails when salespeople use it as a checklist, meaning they are asking customers a set of rote questions without actually listening to their response or attempting to add value. It is probing, not a two-way dialogue.

Sales, management, and marketing are required by BANT to ask hard questions. It also helps to decide where the efforts to build leads and opportunities will be centered.

Stop viewing budget as a blocker

Budget probably isn’t a blocker for companies. It makes sense to qualify on financial need.

Decide who's involved

Map out everyone who is involved in the process: Their job titles, decision making role, priorities.

Recognize the value of problem

Instead of defining the budget of the prospect, recognize how important this issue is to them. Are they strongly inspired to find a solution?

Find out how fast the organization’s going

Identifying a quick one-pitch contract will help you manage your pipeline and prepare for closure

BANT stands for

Budget: to spend

Budget: to spend

Authority: to make the purchase

Authority: to make the purchase

Need: to know if the lead has urgent problem

Need: to know if the lead has urgent problem

Timeline: knowing a timeframe.

Timeline: knowing a timeframe.

BANT has survived through the ages because it is effective (when properly used), unforgettable, and accessible to a range of items, price points, and selling processes. Adapt it to your situation. Then aim the best suits ruthlessly.

The Inspirito touch

At Inspirito we use BANT effectively, and think of it as an effective concept rather than a to-do list. We count on BANT’s all four characteristics, but we don't have to do them in a specific order or manner fpr better results.

FAQ's Inspirito

Why BANT is still a successful qualifying choice for leads?

  • Rigid Approach in its re-entering.
  • Importance and usage level.
  • Knowing the customer's need

BANT has the ability to raise hard questions for sales and marketing. It tells you where the forces to build leads should be based.

  • Provides a good basis for leads to apply.
  • Saves a lot of time by filtering out leads of poor quality.
  • Improves productivity.

Through its four elements: budget, authority, timeline and need. When it meets at least 3 of the 4 BANT requirements, a lead is viable.

Qualifying a prospect means to determine whether the lead is a good fit as a customer. The key of BANT is to reinvent the modern sales process.

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