Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Want to grow your business online amidst such huge competition? Inspirito through its Search Engine Marketing does that.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the most successful ways of expanding the business in an increasingly competitive market. It's never been more important to publish online with millions of businesses struggling to obtain the same eyeballs, and Inspirito knows that.

Search Engine Marketing is the marketing method of a company with paid ads on Search engine results pages (or SERPs). Look for keywords that can be used by users of websites such as Google and Bing when searching for goods and services.

At Inspirito, we publish search marketing news stories regularly, along with frequent in-the-trenches advice, tips and tactics from our expert contributors to keep your website trending.

Steps Involved In Search Engine Marketing

Define An Effective Search Marketing Strategy

You should define your target audience and identify their needs and motivations, also identify your competitors.

Pick Right Keywords for Your SEM Campaign

Go for the keywords commonly searched by your target audience. Interact regularly with your best clients, sales staff to find out the most used phrases.

Optimize the content of your website

It is necessary to concentrate on your website structure and how one can make it easy and search engine friendly

Add quality links to your website

Getting inbound quality links is directly proportional to the success of your website in the eyes of search engine.

Why Inspirito is best in SEM-

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Understands the target audience

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Sets specific goals for the Ad campaign

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Selects the right keywords.

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Creating compelling advertisements

While it's critical you employ organic strategies to attract traffic over the long-term, sometimes, you can't properly compete on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) without putting money behind it -- and that's where SEM comes into play.

The Inspirito touch

With 35% of product searches starting on Google, and the average Google search lasting only a minute, its critical your business's product or service appear at the top of a SERP when a user is searching for it. At Inspirito, we take care of it.

FAQ's Inspirito

For which search engine, you do the marketing?

We can do SEM for any search engine but 97% of the traffic comes from Google, so we always prefer Google.

It totally depends on the competition the keyword has, the landing page we create, and the content in it.

When you rank on top, the chance of getting traffic becomes very high. If the traffic is coming then there are high chances that you will customers.

SEM works on the per click model i.e. you have to on click and with great user experience on your landing page, the cost decreases.

We analyze through keyword planner of Google and we also analyze your competitors, that’s how we decide the right keywords for you.

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