Account Based Marketing

Want to move straight into the phases of engaging and delighting your target accounts. Inspirito, through its marketing qualified leads gives you that.

Account-based marketing is a strategic marketing technique in which main company accounts are specifically targeted as one-to-many units (as opposed to the traditional one-to-many approach). Account based marketing is like normal marketing, but on steroids. It is successful at generating good return on investment.

High-value accounts or opportunities are identified at Inspirito, key stakeholders in these undertakings are targeted, and marketing campaigns are then introduced across different channels to cater to their particular individuals and needs. Getting a strong tactical and highly focused message is very important.

Inspirito’s experience in account based marketing aligns your marketing and sales teams to promote long-term business growth by delighting customers, and subsequently boosting revenue.

Define your Strategic Accounts

ABM (Account Based Marketing) is all about marketing to a company as a whole, rather than an entity. This is vital, and the starting to set things off on the right foot.

Put your investigative goggles on

When you understand the organizations that you are joining, you need to identify those that suit your business and dig deeper to decide who the main stakeholders are.

Build Personalized Content & Messaging

Use your research experience with content that speaks directly to the customers and organizations concerned. You should understand the stakeholders’ specific crucial points.

Decide on the Best Channels for Your Campaigns

If you are not promoting your campaigns and creatives in the right places your research and content will be useless. Observing social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, understand where the stakeholders spend their time online.

What makes Inspirito special

Synchronized Advertising and Sales.

Synchronized Advertising and Sales.

Maximizing the correlation between high-value accounts.

Maximizing the correlation between high-value accounts.

Provides positive service for customers.

Provides positive service for customers.

Measure the return on your investment.

Measure the return on your investment.

Imagine a world where you launch the sales cycle by selling your best-fit, highest-value accounts directly. No wasted time at marketing and selling to unqualified leads that are not the best match for your company. This is Good ABM.

The Inspirito touch

Inspirito helps you to align your marketing and sales teams to promote long-term business growth, attract customers, and raise revenue. You should step right into the phases of keeping your target audiences engaged and delighted.

FAQ's Inspirito

What are the misinterpretation of Account-Based Marketing?

  • It is only suitable for corporates or large companies
  • ABM is about only sales, not the marketing
  • There is the only a way of doing ABM
  • ABM is lengthy and tough to implement
  • the layered approach to execute
  • segmentation plays a crucial role
  • user-centric website
  • take use of digital marketing
  • One to one marketing approach
  • The balance between sales and marketing
  • Shorter lead cycle
  • Better return on investment
  • efficient use of resources
  • Step 1: Target the right accounts
  • Step 2: Have detailed research on those accounts
  • Step 3: Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Step 4: Optimize the marketing campaigns
  • Events & Webinars
  • Emailing
  • Paid Campaigns
  • Directing traffic on your website

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