Data Cleansing and Verification

Want to clean and update your valuable data regularly? Inspirito, with its Data Cleansing and Verification services gives you that.

Data Cleaning is the identification and elimination of data errors or anomalies to improve the accuracy of the data. Inspirito can help you to cleanse any kind of customer database, verify customer data accuracy, eliminate duplicates, and delete incorrect enabling easy access to customer data for your marketing, sales teams.

The data cleaning process is multifaceted, and a variety of problems need to be tackled in order to solve any specific data-cleaning problem. It also provides our customers with extensive data cleaning services to keep their data records securely, we reduce the associated unnecessary waste costs.

At Inspirito, we employ the latest techniques to clean, standardize, normalize, and verify critical data or information of your company so that it can lead to successful marketing campaigns.

Why Inspirito

Verifying Management

We manually check your databases and remove irrelevant, obsolete and outdated records from them. In addition, our experts in data cleaning check record information for importance and categorize related data into the respective fields.

Cleansing of mailing lists

Our data enrichment professionals clean up your existing mailing lists to ensure that the information is valid, accurate and updated. By approaching your prospects it helps you to increase your profit margins.

Correction of Typos / Spelling Errors

We have trained practitioners manually correcting typographic mistakes, grammatical inconsistencies, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Fixing missing information

We recognize and fill in incomplete records by inserting missing information such as postal codes, dialing codes, email IDs, phone numbers etc.

What makes Inspirito best among our competitors?

Inspection: Detect incorrect, inconsistent data.

Inspection: Detect incorrect, inconsistent data.

Cleaning: Fix, remove anomalies

Cleaning: Fix, remove anomalies

Verifying: verify correctness.

Verifying: verify correctness.

Reporting: About the changes

Reporting: About the changes

Given the growing dependence on information systems and technology to extract strategic business insights, low quality of data increases the risk exposure of an enterprise. Therefore it is important to get rid of data inconsistencies in order to stay competitive in today's complex market climate.

The Inspirito touch

Inspirito’s data cleansing services ensure a reliable and up-to-date database that delivers the results of the business as per your wish. Our data cleaning service covers many roles, depending on data type and customer-specific requirements. By outsourcing data enrichment services to us, our customers can take the headache out of data cleaning problems.

FAQ's Inspirito

How to keep the data clean?

  • Standardize data cleaning process
  • The regular data cleaning process
  • Analyze data from time to time

Data cleaning and verification provide improved segmentation, cost-effectiveness with cleared & faster information.

  • Standardize the process
  • Check error & missing values
  • Remove & update the duplicate data

People gain experience, so they switch companies, their job titles, email ids, phone numbers, location etc. get changed. Data cleaning and verification helps to have updated information from time to time.

Data cleaning helps to optimize marketing performance. For example email delivery rate increases, telemarketing calls are not wrong numbers so it improvises overall company’s performance.

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