Data Science

Want to have information identifying needs and preferences of your customers? Inspirito, through its Data science analysis has that covered.

Without data science the presence of Digital Marketing campaigns will be non-apparent. All information collected through Data Science define your consumer's needs and desires and lets you tailor your promotions to the wishes and buying habits of your consumer.

The process of Data Science turns the raw data into knowledge that is central to future development. From proving ROI to designing a growth plan, data mining will remain essential to shaping the future of inbound enterprises. It's just as important as the analysis.

It’s important to know the valuable metrics that you need to study. At Inspirito, we include methods like surveying, internal, external interviews, or observing the behavior of customers throughout the Buyer’s Journey for successful Data Science campaigns.

Advantages of using data science in digital marketing.

Speeds up planning campaigns

Marketers can achieve quicker and easier planning of their campaigns by using data science. Data science enables you to gather and analyze the data more precisely and efficiently.

Optimize your Channel and Budget

Data science helps you to see and assess the success rate of your past campaigns and find the problems. Via data analysis, you will capture patterns in their actions on each of your networks.

Real-Time Data

The latest data science techniques collect data on industry dynamics, execution time performance, and customer behavior and patterns in purchasing.

Strategize Your Campaigns

Data science helps advertisers to distribute and classify consumers according to their shopping preferences, demographics and geographic position.

What makes Inspirito unique among our competitors?

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Faster Campaign planning

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Channel and Budget optimization

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Real time data aligned to customers

My Branding Needs An Upgrade

Better performing campaigns

The greatest need for your company is arguably a high-quality customer service and a happy user base. You can efficiently execute marketing strategies with Data Science that help you understand why, where, and how customer behaviour.

The Inspirito touch

At Inspirito’s data science analysis, we strategize and deliver a real personalized experience, leaving your customer feel special while buying your product or being a part of your online community. You can witness an increase in customer retention while reaping the rewards of your strategy.

FAQ's Inspirito

What is data science?

Data science is the practice of revealing hidden insight from existing data in a manner that enables businesses to make better decisions.All marketers today use data to some extent, but not all data processes are as effective as each other. Data science is the theory and practice of using the right data processes and data points to extract valuable insights and ultimately make informed business decisions.

In the current marketing environment, data science involves a series of steps to ensure you’re getting the most from your data. In most cases, the process will look something like this:

  • Identify the data problems you’re facing and the greatest opportunities for improvement.
  • Determine the correct datasets and variables.
  • Identify the sources to collect this data from.
  • Collect the data from each source.
  • Clean and validate your data to ensure it’s accurate, complete, and uniform.
  • Create data models and algorithms to organize your data.
  • Analyze your data to identify patterns.
  • Test, optimize, and debug your data processes.

The thing with this question is, it’s important to understand that the technology used by data scientists has rapidly evolved over the past 10 years. Now, you don’t need huge teams of data scientists, collectors and analysts to get these insights. With the automation tools available today, plus the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, small businesses can now ‘do data science’ in a way that previously only the biggest organizations could afford.

In theory, data science can help improve any area of your business where the relevant data is available. This isn’t limited to marketing either. For example, you could use data to test whether overtime is really helping your business get more done, to discover the optimum wage to pay your staff, or to trial flexible working patterns.

At this point, it’s probably best to run through some specific uses of data science and the problems it can help you solve. Here are some of the most common marketing problems we’re using it to solve for our customers:

Keyword research, Buyer Intent Model, bidding, Device optimization, Identifying social audiences, Automating audience research, Content opportunities, Data storytelling, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics.

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