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Sooraj Bagdia, 27 Nov 2019


There are two thoughts which constantly eat up our brains 1. You are a game changer. You can conquer whatever you wish 2. The universe has already set everything. Your role is defined, you just have to play it and go back to where you came from.

Earlier I used to think I have the power to make a change in the world, conquer the world and live the way I wish to live. I will decide my destiny, my future, my friends, my life partner & each and every decision. Law of Karma says: Whatever you do it, you will get results accordingly. If I am doing good work, not cheating, not torturing or harassing someone and living in clear manners. In simple way, I can go and talk to God without any guilt. Although I may have hurt someone unintentionally sometimes because of my mood, anger, tension or frustration. Still I can be called as a good person because I never wished to happen something bad about someone. So, I will get a good results of Karma.

Now, some things happen and you get this kind of question in your mind:

The universe is working in a predefined way. All the calculations of universe is predefined. It doesn't matter whether you know it or don’t, it will happen it the way it was supposed to be. You come into this world with certain defined tasks and leave the world as time set by God. You are a tiny particle in this Universe and whether you are there or not, whether you make an impact or not, the Universe will keep on continuing. 

Which lead to another small thought:

Let’s assume I am nervous today or a bit angry still manages to keep up my self the best way I can and give out my 100% for that particular day. The next day, I got some experience out of it and I became a bit more wiser. The next day I gave my best and I became more wiser. The cycle keeps on continuing lifetime. That’s what experience is called as. So after some days may be months or years later some bad happens, so we should regret it or convince ourself that you tried your best that day, there should be no scope for regret. 

You get to know a new dimension which is partially mixture of above two thoughts:

The beginning and end are already defined and in between whatever you do it, you will have results as per it. The destiny is set according to work done it the past. Adding energy or positive vibes gives you a new hope to believe into everything you want it to happen. We pray, we talk to people, we meditate just to make peace with our mind and then we can take the necessary action either to keep trying or giving it up. We get to know the examples and we try to relate it with ourselves and again we get a boost in trying to solve or pass through it. We know everyone in this world one has a different story and can’t be identical but still we match it up with our story and make a direction for the things in which we want it to happen. We call it luck. If it can happen to someone then definitely it can happen to us as well, whether it's positive or negative.

These thoughts of Karma, luck & destiny comes only when you regret for something or someone.

The absolute truth is we are all going to die one day. No one can deny it no one can ignore it or no one can change it. So, I am 25 years old now and let’s say I am going to live 75 years (It’s a guess; life is very very short, no one knows when will be our last breath still consider it 75 years). Which means I have lived my life for 33% and already I am left with â…” portion i.e. 66% (That too I have assumed living of 75 years). After knowing this truth, I should regret for something or someone on a daily basis or accept it & live the life because each day is precious which we will not get back? We should celebrate we are alive and most of all prayers or desires are fulfilled or focus on the few which are not? Our life gets messed up when our near ones leaves us, so we should get mentally disturbed or depressed or get detached and move on quickly? 

If we look into Ramayana & Mahabharata, our all Lords had to make sacrifices in some ways. They had made some mistakes which resulted in massive disruptions still they struggled, went through it and corrected it with losing something. So we are humans, we will make some mistakes, we should struggle, fight for it and try to correct it. 

At any point a decision is taken and life gets changed completely. If we look back into our lives; we would see our life got changed with a series of decisions which were in our control or beyond our control. I don’t know if this can be called destiny or luck or karma but the fact is your life will keep on changing every moment and on somethings you have will not have your control. We can accept and change it or change and accept it. 

After thinking, living and passing through these thoughts I can say about life is:

Life is very short, we don’t know what can happen to us or to our loved ones. Anger will destroy you, ego will take you nowhere. Let’s consider each day as a special day. Give your 100% into relation, family, friendship, work, business & most importantly faith in God. It’s your life, love it unconditionally. Enjoy life to the fullest on front foot. Consider Ups and Downs, mistakes, sacrifices are part of life. Accept that some things are beyond your control and you can’t win someone. Regret happens but it's up to us how quickly we can accept it and make peace with it.  Live for yourself & leave all this destiny, Karma, luck matters to Gods. He will give you results what's best for you and accept it peacefully. Trust your instincts. Miracles happens every moment, let’s not lose hope & never keep regrets in life. Whatever happens, happens for something good! Whatever is meant for you will make it way back to you!

We have got one life! Cherish it! 




Theory Of Life!

By Sooraj Bagdia, 27 Nov 2019

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